Visiting Wichita

You may have heard a famous line from the musical made movie “The Wizard of Oz”:

“We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto”

This quote refers to a crazy tornado that occurs in Kansas that sweeps the main character, Dorothy, and her dog, Toto, to a far away land called Oz.

Of course, not much of the presentation is actually spent in Kansas. However, this flat (read: very flat) midwestern state can pack some great surprises if you are looking to go on an adventure and check it out.

Major City

There are several larger cities in the state of Kansas, one of them being the subject of our conversation, Wichita. This city is actually the largest city in the state. It is home to several universities and sits on the Arkansas river. One of the more notable things about this city is that it falls within a region of the United States known as Tornado Alley. This term refers to an area that is the most prone to getting tornados. This part of the United States falls mainly within the Great Plains. Tornadoes cause much damage, including fallen trees that call for emergency removal by Wichita Tree Removals LLC.

Safely Visiting Wichita

There are certain times that are much more conducive to visiting. One time that you do not want to visit is during peak tornado season. This typically happens from March until June. However, it has been noted that tornado outbreaks can really happen at any time. This means that you might be taking a risk by visiting. There are several things to know about tornado safety if you are going to take a trip to Wichita. For example, if there happens to be a tornado while you are there, the best way to stay safe is to take shelter in the basement of a building. Statistically, it has been shown that staying in the southwest corner of the basement is the safest move.